Hire Remote Development Team

Hire Remote Developers Engineers from Madhuma to meet your programming needs. Create a Seamless Experience that Developers and Hiring Teams Love Every Step of the Way.

Madhuma Commitments

Hire Remote Engineers from Madhuma; We are passionate about the future of work. We exist because we just don't believe that geographical barriers should get in the way of putting the best people at the best companies.

Our goal is to push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent.

We have worked with 5000+ founders who all shared a common struggle: an inability to find enough engineering talent to scale their businesses because the demand for engineers far exceeded the supply of talent. They knew they had a market-level problem that required a macro solution. That’s when they conceived us to build.

Setup Cost
How much setup cost is required to start with ?

$0, we have everything ready, you pay a salary. No dead money. One month advance to start with.

Programmer Selection
How does selection/hiring work?

We shall share the resume with a clear data point (what they are capable of and what they can do for you), years of experience is usually years of irrelevance, We have a strong filtration 2/100 selected. We check technical capability, culturally fit, experience, project experience, communication, collaboration, Ever learning, self managed, etc. You can take zoom video meeting, assign task, and select.

If we need to cancel the relationship

All you need to tell us 1 month prior, No hard commitment.

How to ensure the project delivery?

If you have tech cofounder that’s great; he can manage, anyway we assign one tech project manager who will help you in planning and managing the project delivery. The good part is we are not charging anything extra for the project manager or QA.

Remote Management
I am in the UK and my cofounder is in USA, how you keep things on one page?

We use Basecamp, a tool developed by and developed for a completely remote team. You can see to-dos, milestones, discussion, can chat with individuals and teams. Here you can see a video https://www.youtube.com/embed/YYcAwalYO2E

Progress Tracking
How I see the work and Hours?

We use DeskTime, which gives you complete transparency, here is how this system works. You can see productivity, tools, screenshot etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHMGr8kbfSU2Ler6iBM4b1g/videos

Team Expansion
If you need to add more engineers to speed up delivery

Tell us 15 days prior, so we can filter the right candidates for you. Desperate hiring can create problems later. Usually, we have people in the pool but sooner you share chances are higher to find the perfect match.

If someone is not performing well

Tell us, we will find a replacement or will do the adjustment in billing, mutually we can find a happy solution. Usually, everyone has carefully selected also their KRA is performance-linked. We take your reviews on a monthly basis and ensure quality outcomes.